Aura of Life

Feel with your heart...
not with your eyes.
Locked deep in your heart
is where the love is.
uncloak it and allow it
to spill forth.
Your vision is there.

I give you this sword
of knowledge and truth
to remind you to
arm yourself with
what you need.
See with your soul
Not your earthly being.
The aura of you exist
within you. 

The power of you
to love and be
loved will rise
above all else and
give you strength to
overcome and empower
you. Soon the raging storm
will be over. 

Within the depths of your soul
and inside your heart is the
love that yearns for release
with your light. Give it life
to the world. Share it with all
those in need.

2 thoughts on “Aura of Life

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    • Well, I don’t know about all of that.. but love and emotions go hand and hand. Writing from the heart can stir emotions a lot more than auras. Maybe you just misinterpreted the meaning of the writer’s intent. hmmm

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