My Heart Goes Out to Norway

I turned on the news the day Norway was attacked and my first thought was, not again. It goes beyond my rational thinking that someone could do this again. How is it that this continues to happen.  This man who took the lives of so many without regard for them. They are “collateral damage” for his cause.  So I won’t preach because I don’t want to take the focus off the lives of those who should be mourned because of him.

I was searching through some old papers and found an old poem that I wrote back in 1991 in regards to Saddam Hussein. I thought, how fitting for the state of our world that we live in for tyrants who would rather use violence and terror against innocent people.

In honor of the lost souls: A Poem entitled Timely



War. . .

Peace . . .

Time . . .

Place . . .

freedom . . .

destruction .

Greed . . .

the forever innocent.

Hostage against her will,

take down the barriers of isolation from afar and free her from bondage.

Gather together, bonding forever to fight the cause.

Not for me,

for the innocent who die at the hand of a hardened soul.

For truth and justice shall prevail.



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