The Essence of Me

No more tears for missing yesterdays
I can't change what was and what is.
I look in and know the only me.

This one I see. Work on it.

I checked it. Such hurt and sorrow.
Deep pain and hurt show in the lines
and grooves of aging face.

That's just the surface.
What lies beneath?

The essence of me you cannot see.
it exist inside where I keep
her hidden afraid of hurt.

I want her to shine, to experience
the joys of life, love and happiness,
of so many years gone by.

The memories are fading now. The
glowing light is dimming.

Reaching for the crumpled up papers
scribbled are my dreams and hopes
of a brighter tomorrow, words fading
on the yellowing paper.

I read them and hold them as if they
are a lifeline to remind me that
it still exist. It's not on the
face I see in the mirror..the eyes
have shed a thousand tears; the hands
have wiped them away at night.
It's inside; the soul and essence
of me.

The part of me that holds
the light of my being.

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