Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson by Joe Vogel

A positive look at the creative work of Michael Jackson. 

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“In many ways, an artist is his work.”–Michael Jackson

Over his four decades in the public spotlight, Michael Jackson revolutionized the way we experience music. His songs, videos, and live performances not only broke records, they dissolved barriers and inspired generations of fans from every corner of the world.

Yet in spite of his achievements, Jackson’s creative work was often overshadowed by the tabloid frenzy that surrounded his controversial life. By the time of his tragic death in 2009, many people had forgotten the talent, originality and ambition that made him a star to begin with. In this lavishly illustrated book, author Joseph Vogel moves past the sensationalism and mythology to reveal the first in-depth assessment of the “man in the music.”

Featuring a foreword by Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis, Man in the Music covers Jackson’s entire solo career, from 1979’s groundbreaking Off the Wall and 1982’s world-conquering Thriller to his frequently overlooked later work, including a glimpse into the music he was creating in his final years. Vogel shows that, contrary to popular belief, the quality of Jackson’s work didn’t decline after Thriller. Rather, similar to the Beatles, he continued to evolve in interesting and provocative ways.

Meticulously researched and documented, Vogel draws on hundreds of sources, including news archives, Jackson’s own words, and personal interviews with Jackson’s collaborators (some of whom are speaking publicly about their experiences for the first time). With each album, Vogel takes the reader back in time, placing the music in its social and historical context, discussing its relation to Jackson’s personal life, and revealing fascinating, behind-the-scenes details from the studio. Each song is carefully described and interpreted, from well-known masterpieces like “Billie Jean” to lesser-known standouts like “Stranger in Moscow.”

With a wealth of color photos and fresh insights, Man in the Music is the most rigorous and reliable assessment of Michael Jackson’s artistic achievement to date.

About the Author

Joseph Vogel writes about popular music, culture and politics for The Huffington Post and PopMatters. He has written several exclusive pieces on Michael Jackson, including the first U.S. review of the posthumous album, Michael. Vogel has been interviewed by numerous media outlets, including NPRDemocracy Now!, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. He resides in Western New York where he is an instructor at the University of Rochester.

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