Cuts So Deep

Blades of grass coming up from
the ground that cut my fingers
and slice through my heart.
Sharp as they are, Like your words
when spoken so harsh.
They cut so deep
and wounded my soul.

When I wrote this, I was thinking about Michael. He was right there in the front of my mind. It was if he was saying, “they hurt me with their words by calling me names and saying I did these things I didn’t do.” I felt him saying to me to write it. The words just flowed on the paper as if to say, this was what he wanted me to say.

So, for what the media did to him, for Michael.



2 thoughts on “Cuts So Deep

  1. Michael was always being vilified in the media. I am sure he was hurt deeply by what they said to him. The pain he kept inside. After the trial of 2005, he left the United States and vowed to never return. It hurt him bad that anyone would think he would harm any child. The words written seem to capture that pain he felt. Even in the photo he seems to be so sad. Words can hurt and wound a person’s soul

    • Yes. Each time the media tore into him it hurt him. They seemed to enjoy it. After 1993, it seemed for Michael, he couldn’t catch a break in the US.
      Michael never deserved the beating he took in the media all those years. Words can hurt.
      I appreciate your comment. I just felt this when I was was writing

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