Looking into the Past

This morning I was going through some old papers and came upon some old poetry from 1992. Oh, wow. Seems like a lifetime ago. I tried to remember what I was doing way back then. What was I doing and why did I  decide to write it. I remember I was living in Atlanta, GA at the time. I was very young and life was very carefree. The future was very uncertain. I was still searching for what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to go. There was no real peace in my life because I was “on the go.”

When we are young, we just seem to want to always be on the move and just bounce around. We don’t think about the future. At the time, I didn’t even know about meditating and listening inside for answers. I just existed. I did what I learned later in life what they call “geographical change”, running from my problems. I was trying to fix the outside and not the inside.  The one thing I have come to understand is to fix the whole person inside and that is where I find what I am looking for. If I stop running from me, I will settle down.

(written March 26-moved from Blogger.com)


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