Let Go of the Fear

When we first believe and seek truth in the light of

all we know, we will find the road of knowledge of

believing in of we can follow.

And give yourself the time for healing the soul.

The water and river of life deeply is inside and nourishes oneself.

Travel this life far and wide.

Freely and fly on the wings of love.

Out of this world. Not of this world.

As many want to say, but of this plane of existence. Getting mired down

in the troubles and not finding peace. Tranquility exists in where you find and when

you do, can you see it? Maybe.

 Some can and some can’t. It exist.On one plane, on two or three.

No. On many levels. Oh ,there are so many; they go on and on.

Forever and ever. Hmmm. Yes. So many. Too many to count.

Jaded and clouded by a world we create for ourselves to keep from seeing beyond

our own fear.

Let go of the fear and believe.

Let go of oneself.

Be free.

Be free of yourself and let yourself be true to exist and be of who you are.

It is all I can offer you. Love abounds and exist of no boundaries. Beyond this world. No controls.

Give way to Freedom of your mind without limitations of your soul.

Trust the soul of yourself.


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